Our Team

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Narinder Thandi

Excellence in Financial Management

Narinder has successfully set up and run an accountancy practice for over 25 years, maintaining 300 clients currently. He has helped them grow, the largest of which has a turnover in excess of £100m. Narinder specialises in financial management, as well as coaching and mentoring clients in mindset change to deliver pre-agreed results.

Associate Directors

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Deb Sen

Excellence in Business Development

Deb has successfully set up and ran a call centre that generated over £1m in sales opportunities in 4 years and has also helped his clients secure over £10m of new business through public tenders. He has a track record in facilitating partnership building, developing his own tool-kit to help SMEs collaborate, and lastly, prides himself on his analytical and structured approach to business development.

Panel Of Experts

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Julian Clay

Excellence in Sales

Julian has successfully created strategies allowing companies to achieve significant sales growth. He can demonstrate how to take a company to ‘the next level’ in order to maximise shareholder value. His experience as a Non-Executive Director enables him to prepare companies for sale or develop in their market in order to increase their business value.

  • Accountants

  • Bank managers

  • Commercial solicitors

  • Credit management

  • Finance brokers

  • Financial advisors

  • Insolvency Practitioners

  • Insurance brokers

  • Private equity

  • R&D tax credits

  • Secure document signatures

  • Various sales & marketing experts